Cinema and entertainment industry in the USA


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Cinema and entertainment industry in the USA is considered as one top of the line business sector, it is projected that the industry has done 564 billion dollar business by the end of 2014. It is one of the leading industries in the USA. The central origin of the very first movie was begun by American famous Motion Picture in the early 1800’s and they really turn around the entire cinema industry through their new filmmaking concept and creativity. The USA celebrates their artistic diversity and cultural values through well-written films, theater shows, and documentaries.

And now the USA is world prominent filmmaker across the world there is no need to introduce Hollywood, it is the magical and glamorous industry of the USA, a remarkable earmark of American cinema and film industry, Hollywood bring intellectual boom and they produce the greatest films and characters to the world. The US cinema industry capitalizes world greatest blockbuster movies with unique technologies including 3D and special effects. The eminent Hollywood productions were Terminator, Batman, Spider-Man and much more. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox and Columbia Picture studios also produce such high-class movies and increased box office profits and multi screen Cineplex all over the United States.

You can find most luxurious and lavish cinemas in the United State with massive screens and pleasant environment that helps you to enjoy your movies. Book your ticket online and watch your favorite movie at your desired sitting spot. There is always a large variety of movies available seems to be endless starting from 3D to Horror, Actions to Love and much more. Theater provides the exclusive experience of silver screen through the magical atmosphere in the hall with blasting sound and effects. Enjoy blockbusters movies with your preferred snacks or cocktails with your mates.

Here is the list of some astonishing and historical theater or cinema in the United States, Carnegie Hall is situated in New York since 1891 one of the most beautiful and oldest theater with extravagant architecture. Radio City Music Hall is the leading landmark in the New York City, a famous showplace destination featuring stunning stage shows, drama, and other high-class entertainment. Madison Square Garden is the most famed arena in the United State with 17,000 sitting capacity and worlds renowned sports franchises. The Dolby Theater located in Los Angeles Hollywood city is the most remarkable place known as Oscar’s house where celebrities attend awards ceremonies and other annually events.