Sustainability – Go Green!


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Go green is famous slogan now a day’s what are the main reason behind that? The World is facing global changes in terms of climate and extraordinary production of carbon dioxide from energy combustion and transportation is a key factor, street transportation is rising day by day. It is projected that 95% of transport use oil for energy. This is the most important crisis in metropolitan cities to formulate friendly environmental plans or greenhouse projects and, on the other hand, reduce oil demands. Condense the load of traffic and introduce eco-friendly automobile is the most effective way for dropping air pollution and leads toward the sustainable environment.

Over speedy highways and freeways is causing the destruction of many wildlife animals, forest landscape and villages due to road widen activities and taking land for parking purpose which is the straight hazard for pedestrian and people living near countryside. Eco-friendly transport immediately achieve sustainable atmosphere but there are some major changes required in transportation design to provide improved travel options, enhanced knowledge among public to use public transport and most essential is to manage classified vehicles conversion into other energy options like electric, biofuels etc to achieve this green and pollution free zone.

Despite the fact that public mostly drive their own vehicle to work, shopping or any other activity and it the most stress-free and suitable option but civilized nations preferred other sustainable travel options which are directly reachable to everybody.

Let’s go through some alternatives like if you’re going nearby like your work or school and try to walk, it is a good routine which helps you out to keep fit and healthy, Public traveling system is the most convenient way of journey particularly in megacities with state-of-the-art infrastructure and affordable as well, travel through Bicycle is another good approach of go green example, quicker than hike, cost effective and incredible body exercise Japan and China is the biggest model of this Eco-friendly transport. Other options are Taxis and carpools which travel in the same direction with multiple travelers like your classmates and colleagues, absolutely a nice manner to save your fuel consumption. These factors increase natural beauty, and provide a healthy environment for our next generation and save wildlife.

The decreasing emission of carbon dioxide has broad series of reimbursements such as good health, pollution free environment, economic and cost effective budgets, less fossil fuel emission growing the good level of conservatory gases including better lifestyle and less respiratory diseases. By using the electronic car there is less sound or vibration, driving noise free cars provide amazing sensation and keep you stress-free during your journey as compared to riding on scooter or car, it is the best technique to save energy and noise. Those magnificent ideas bring back to world’s natural beauty and resources just by one single attempt to diminish carbon dioxide emission. Live green on this amazing planet and make it secure for future generation.